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A Jorvik Fantasy - Brass Band - LM106

A Jorvik Fantasy - Brass Band - LM106

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COMPOSER : David Beal

A descriptive journey of the Vikings on THE APPROACH to York marching along the streets. They MARCH TO THE SETTLEMENT CAMPS to a bold striking tune when there is a FANFARE TO THE VIKING GODS sounding. Once arrived at a convenient place they commence on THE BUILDING OF JORVIK, the Norse word for York. After a while a break in the building is taken with a boat ON THE RIVER OUSE the nearby river now flowing through the centre of York.

Peace is soon shattered as the cry goes out LET BATTLE COMMMENCE as they start to fight with other villagers. They appear victorious as THE MARCH OF THE VIKING WARRIORS takes them back into Jorvik and once again the FANFARE TO THE VIKING GODS is sounded through to the sound of THORS HAMMER bring the piece to a grand close

Suitable Section 4 Upwards

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