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A Phoenix in Brass - Brass Band - LM281

A Phoenix in Brass - Brass Band - LM281

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COMPOSER : Ross Baillie-Eames

ISMN : 9790570002818

A Phoenix in Brass

Programme Notes


A Phoenix in Brass is a triumphant and energetic concert closer.

The piece opens with a heroic tutti fanfare featuring fragments of the theme, before exploding into life with a blistering con fuoco section in which the theme is heard in its full form.

The middle section of the piece pares the ensemble down to a small group of players, featuring solos for all section principles, before reprising the theme in a soft, ‘hymn-like’ setting.

The tempo picks up once again into the final section, where the theme is heard in its fullest setting, accompanied by exuberant counter-melodies and frenetic runs which lead the piece to its thrilling and joyful conclusion.

(c. 3mins)

 About the Piece

 A Phoenix in Brass was commissioned by the Fred Longworth High School Brass Band (the composer being a former pupil and principle percussionist until 2016) to celebrate the rebuilding of the band with youth players following the events of the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

The concept was to create a joyful and celebratory piece which evoked the idea of a phoenix rising from the ashes (hence the title!)

The work is dedicated to Josh Hall, also a 2016 FLHS alumnus and ex-band member, who was a very close friend of the composer and who tragically passed away at the age of just 21. He was a fabulous musician and a true friend – hopefully this piece goes some way in celebrating his memory also.

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