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Beneath The River Severn - Brass Band - LM283

Beneath The River Severn - Brass Band - LM283

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COMPOSER : Chris Cobon

Beneath The River Severn

Programme Notes

Beneath The River Severn follows on, chronologically, from three pieces about steam engines;

LMR600 Gordon, Tornado (LNER Peppercorn Class A160163), The Lady Armaghdale and also ‘Moments in Brass’ Sets 1+2

Living 3 miles from the River Severn, the longest river in Great Britain, I regularly cross it on the way to conduct Highley Colliery Brass Band.

Beneath The River Severn aims to capture not only the beauty of the river but also the dangerous undercurrents that lie under the calm surface.

The length of the complete piece is 4 minutes 11 seconds

Musical Traits:

Attempting to avoid stereotype water music, I started with sketches based on quartal harmony but inverted (so 5ths)

 For example, the first run on

Euphonium starts on concert pitch G, Hrns = D, Bari=A, 1st Hrn=E etc. “A” represents the undercurrent, which has claimed many lives over the years.

 An 11-note salute to the greatest river piece, Smetana’s Vltava, is worked into this section

Suitable Section 4 Upwards

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