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Ocarina Classroom - Class Pack 20 Books & Free Memory Stick

Ocarina Classroom - Class Pack 20 Books & Free Memory Stick

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COMPOSER : Peter Simons


This book has been specially written to help non music specialists teach the ocarina to their class.

The book has been aimed at teaching this instrument to KS1 children.

It is full of practical advice, videos, backing tracks and hints and tips to allow anyone to teach their class a musical instrument with complete confidence.

This book allows pupils to make progress but at a very steady pace in order to avoid cognitive load and so all new information can be embedded and built on.

This book has been written by Peter Simons who is a silver award winner of Primary School Teacher of the Year

for music teaching from the National Pearson Teaching Awards and has had many years of practical experience at teaching whole class music in Primary Schools in the West Yorkshire area.


This first book teaches the children how to read, write and play the first three notes on the Ocarina (A, B and G).

It also has a special video for teaching composition using the ocarina.

By the end of this book your children will not only be able to play the first three notes confidently but will also be able to read and write these using a one-line stave, and play their own composition accurately using crotchets, quavers and rests.

The best advice I can give you is to follow the practice routine for each peice of: say it, clap it, mime it and play it, and your class will become musicians very quickly reading notation accurately.

 All of the resources you need are contained within the book, the videos and the backing tracks.

Have fun and enjoy learning the ocarina!

The book is available as follows:

Single Copy

Backing Track & Video Memory Stick

Book & Memory Stick

Class Pack of 10 Books & Memory Stick

Class Pack of 20 Books & Memory Stick

Class Pack of 30 Books & Memory Stick

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