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Odyssey Alto Saxophone Debut Reeds ~ 1.5

Odyssey Alto Saxophone Debut Reeds ~ 1.5

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Odyssey Debut Reeds, Alto Sax, 1.5 (Pack of 10)

Sold Individually.

Made in France, Odyssey Debut Reeds are crafted from the finest French cane by one of the world’s leading reed manufacturers. Cane is selected by its season and the textures of its fibres, which governs its quality, suppleness and resilience. Only the finest cane is selected and cut for Odyssey Debut Reeds. Debut reeds are specifically selected and cut to ensure easy playability for students who will find them long lasting and, most importantly, consistently playable - reed after reed. Odyssey Debut Reeds are available in packs of 10 in the most popular strengths for Alto Saxophone and Clarinet. The reeds can also be sold separately as they are individually packed.

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