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Odyssey Premiere Junior 'C' Oboe Outfit

Odyssey Premiere Junior 'C' Oboe Outfit

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The Oboe is a difficult instrument, but worth it!

Unlike with other wind instruments, there tends to be an excess of breath. Therefore, there is no handicap for people of a smaller stature. The structure of the keys is also more compact than that of the clarinet or the flute, and players do not need to press on the holes with their fingers directly, so there is no problem for people with small hands. Arguably, people with small hands even have an advantage. 

Clear, bright, penetrating, acerbic, keen, biting, rasping, reedy, powerful, robust, full, insistent. The  sound  quality of the  oboe  is very versatile and ranges from the thick notes in the low register to the thin and piercing high notes.  

Student oboe models have a simplified key system as they are meant to be a starting instrument. They are basic and made lacking two keys: the left F and low Bb. 

Still, it is no less challenging for a beginner. It serves to guide them into the right feel of playing the oboe. 

All models in the Odyssey range of high quality brass band and orchestral instruments have been meticulously designed down to the finest details by Peter Pollard. It’s hardly surprising that, with over 50 years experience and having listened to the ‘wants’ of countless high profile musicians, this master craftsman is one of the most sought after custom brass and woodwind builders in the world. 

At Odyssey, we recognise the significant contribution that an instrument makes to the willingness of a student to persevere, practice, pursue the process of learning to control and master the instrument, enjoy making music and progress. 

The Odyssey Premiere Junior 'C' Oboe is made from a high quality ABS plastic resin which has many advantages.

ABS Pros : 
• Durability 
• Does not crack 
• L
onger life 
• No break-in period 
• Can better withstand occasional playing 
• Can better withstand harsher playing environments 
i.e. cold air-conditioning down-drafts in well ventilated band room, for example, or a spring outdoor park concert! 
• Reacts less to moisture and temperature changes

As a company producing some of the world’s finest brasswind instruments, Odyssey recognise the fact that protection whilst travelling with a delicate instrument is paramount. To ensure players can maintain a high standard with this instrument, Odyssey has includes both a cleaning and pull through cloth, whilst a plush lined, hardshell wood case/leatherette covered with padded carry bag takes all the worry out of commuting with such a delicate instrument. 

• ABS/Wood composite body
• Simplified conservatory model 
• Silver plated key work 
• High quality pads 
• Steel rods and screws 
• Silver plated finish 
• Hard shell case: Wood case/ leatherette cover with carry bag plush lined with shoulder straps 
• Accessories: Cleaning cloth, pull through cloth 

Taking proper care of your instrument will also help you produce the best sound quality possible, we recommend Odyssey and Ultra-Pure brand accessories.

Odyssey Brasswind is designed and created by UK Master Craftsman Peter Pollard and the UK Odyssey design team.

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