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The Anemious Suite - Clarinet & Piano - LM822

The Anemious Suite - Clarinet & Piano - LM822

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COMPOSER : Susan Brown

A collection of short pieces inspired by characters from a story for children


Anemious - "growing in exposed windy places" (and one of the few words in the English language to include all the vowels in alphabetical order)



A breeze stirs, and a bird wakes. A rabbit hops through the grass as the wind increases.



A young girl, Anna enjoys being outside, in touch with nature, her senses attuned to the beauty around her... when her senses take on physical features and personalities of their own.


Laura (hearing)

An effusive acorn


Lenny (smell)

A deep-breathing, sniffing pine cone


Lisa (sight)

A fluttering sycamore wing


Lomax (touch)

A military-style conker


Lucia (taste)

A headachey, watery piece of sphagnum moss


Lyric (sixth sense)

An old intuitive piece of tree bark



The senses all merge to form Anna's persona

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