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A Cumbrian Moment - Concert Band - LM422

A Cumbrian Moment - Concert Band - LM422

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COMPOSER : Chris Cobon

Programme Notes 

A celebration of founder and life president of Kendal Concert Band,

Mr Edward Lawton (1931 – 2021).

The introduction starts with a homage to Edward. The solitary oboe begins with an upward interval of a 5th, the first two notes of the Last Post. The interval is developed reflectively before being joined gradually by the whole band. The final stages of the introduction turns the darkness of grief in a blinding light that leads to the celebratory march, underpinning the whole work.

The interval of a 5th which opens the piece and represents Edward, is also embedded in the main motif and sub-motifs. The main theme is heard at D with the interval between the 3rd and 4th notes and an example of the sub-motif seen in the trombones between 70 and 71.

From rehearsal mark "B", the music is celebratory in style and settles into a march making links to the military. However, in places, we move away -momentarily - from the march in sections such as "F"; which represents the beauty of Cumbria.

To conclude, a final salute to Edward is heard in the penultimate bars of the piece (sub-motif in the trombones, bar 85).

For longevity, "B" is a possible alternative start (ensuring that the piece could be used in a multitude of situations such as outdoor, bandstand type performances where the introduction may not be suitable) butKendal Concert Band is based in the picturesque South Lake District and would like to commission a piece of music to celebrate the life of their founder and life president Mr Edward Lawton (1931 – 2021).

Following a successful career as an Army musician and Drum Major serving with the King’s Own Royal Border Regiment, Edward and his family settled in Kendal in 1957. A proficient oboist he soon became an established and respected musician and teacher across the Lakes as well as a keen fundraiser for the The Leprosy Mission. In 1964 his love of military music, music teaching and playing inspired him to form the Kendal Concert Band and the rest they say is history. 

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