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Alouette - Universal Wind / Brass Quartet - LM007

Alouette - Universal Wind / Brass Quartet - LM007

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COMPOSER : Traditional

ARRANGER : David Beal


The French traditional tune for a universal quartet


  • London Bridge Is Falling Down
  • Oranges and Lemons
  • Upon St. Paul's Steeple


Each part is available in a variety of pitches to include a combination of different instruments

  • Part 1 in   C, Bb, Eb, High Bb, Low C (C Clarinet)
  • Part 2 in   C, Bb, Eb, F, High Bb and Low C (C Clarinet)
  • Part 3 in   C (Bass Clef), Bb (Low), Bb (High) Eb and F
  • Part 4 in   C (Bass Clef), Bb, Eb
  • Percussion

Important Relaxation of Copyright Restrictions.

Larch Music have relaxed their copyright control of the parts in this series.

Where you have several players and need more than one part you may make photocopies.

A legal set of parts must always include the originals. You may not photocopy the score and the production of a complete new set of parts for use with a second group remains strictly illegal.

Infringements of Copyright will result in legal action being taken.

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