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Bilby Bomp - Beginner Brass Band - TSM002

Bilby Bomp - Beginner Brass Band - TSM002

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COMPOSER : P. W. Jones

“Bilby Bomp” has been written as an early work for the beginner Band. It is a sectional arrangement with no divisi within parts or sections i.e. no 1st. and

Melody sheets in all pitches have been included to enable you to give the melody to any player to assist with managing missing players.

The Bilby, of approximately 55cm plus a 29cm tail, is the largest member of the family of marsupials called Bandicoots. It is found in North West Australia and is now on the endangered species list. It is a nocturnal animal relying on smell and feel to move about looking for food. Its rear legs work the same as a kangaroo therefore it is always moving about in small bomps.

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