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Moments in Brass ~ Set 1 - Brass Band

Moments in Brass ~ Set 1 - Brass Band

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COMPOSER : Chris Cobon

Moments in Brass

Set 1

Nos. 1 - 4

‘Moments in Brass’ follows on, chronologically, from three programmatic pieces about steam trains. LMR600 Gordon, Tornado (LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163) and The Lady Armaghdale.

In contrast, Moments in Brass are all examples of absolute music and is non-representational. The compositions develop from ideas I have found interesting and, in some cases quirky.

The pieces are grouped into sets of four; which allows for shorter pieces that still have musical value. Conductors should not feel compelled to perform all four together (although they do work well in that form) the moments are not movements, but individual pieces in their own right.

Musical traits: I particularly like exploring shifting tonal centres, metre and the use of appoggiaturas. Hidden in a number of the Brass Moments is the use of a rising scale, inspired by the brass in the closing sections of Respighi’s Pines of Rome.

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