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Neotech Tuba Harness Sling / Strap Junior

Neotech Tuba Harness Sling / Strap Junior

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Neotech Tuba Harness Junior.

Experience the innovation of Neotechs Tuba Harness! The harness conforms to the shape of your body and evenly disperses the weight of the instrument while absorbing the shock of your movements. The neoprene pad forms a comfortable and stable yolk across the top of the back and shoulders. The unique attachment system offers two connection options to fit most types of tubas. One system offers a cradle, this option is ideal for tubas that do not have an attachment eyelet located on the lower section. The second option offers loop connectors.

Length: 18" - 22" (45.7cm - 55.9cm) Measurement is approximately from top of shoulder to connector hooks where either the cradle or loops attach to the main harness.

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