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Pillars of Brass - Brass Band - LM946

Pillars of Brass - Brass Band - LM946

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COMPOSER : Terry Vosbein


Fanfares, pretty melodies, powerful climaxes, gorgeous textures, and showy solos.

This three movement composition is an ideal showcase for an advanced band.

The movements are each 4-5 minutes long and can be performed independently.

I. A Fanfare and a Ditty

After both the fanfare and the ditty are presented, a type of development follows.

It soon drifts into more ambiguous and profound sounds before bringing the fanfare back.

II. A Blues

Not a blues in traditional form, but a blues in feeling.

Bluesy solos and a yearning quality, that eventually builds into a screamed prayer.

III. A Wild and Happy Ride

Imagine the drives of Jack Kerouac, or John Steinbeck or William Least Heat-Moon.

An adventure on wheels across hundreds of miles, maybe thousands.

Playing time approx. 13' 30"

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