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Silver Spirit - Brass Band - LM369

Silver Spirit - Brass Band - LM369

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COMPOSER : Franner Otter

A Concert Piece for Brass Band by Franner Otter

This piece was inspired by the resilient spirit that quickly blossomed within the brass band movement as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Despite being unable to meet and play together, bands found freedom of expression through other methods of making music together such as online group performances which enabled a whole new world of collaborative music-making to flourish.

Band members were able to share their musical talent and the joy of performing with a whole new audience as well as developing and nurturing a new outlet of creative expression.

Instead of remaining musically confined during lockdown, brass bands and their members found a new freedoms within this structure to create and share music with others.

 This composition is intended to reflect the cheerful and good-humoured attitude of band members in the way that they went about coping with the enforced restrictions and the happiness that was demonstrated in making music together.

 This piece is dedicated to the positive spirit of the Brass Band movement that has shone through this difficult time.

Franner Otter

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