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Spy Ring - Concert Band - LM881

Spy Ring - Concert Band - LM881

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COMPOSER : Chris Cobon

Spy Ring, a light-hearted glimpse into the undercover world. Originally written to add some fun for the band, the story text, within the parts, could form part of the performance by being projected or held up by band members. Text is kept short to enable such performance possibilities. Also audible on the timpani part is the victory sign (dot dot dot dash) used on the radio in WWII. …Enter a world of changing disguises, enter the "Spy Ring"


The text in the scores is:

o Dark shadows of an old alleyway

o The Spy emerges

o Change of disguise, an English gentleman

o Oops, he's been spotted!

o Subtly attempting to escape

o Lucky escape - back into the alley

o Is this it? Trapped in the alley!

o A conversation with a double agent, that's lucky!

o Should he trust them?

o Transfer of information

o Bad choice :(

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