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The Coven - Flute Choir - LM440

The Coven - Flute Choir - LM440

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COMPOSER : Emily Craig


The Coven

1 - Witches' Waltz

A coven of witches dance around a fire at Halloween, celebrating their newest and youngest member of the coven, Elspeth.

2 - A Spell is Cast

The young witch casts a love spell upon a man she has loved from afar but she fears will never accept her.

3 - Witches Take Flight

The coven take flight upon their broomsticks and ride wildly into the night, leaving Elspeth behind to unite with her love. 

4 - Lament

The young witch's spell has failed and her love has rejected her after discovering her true identity. 

5 - The Sacrifice

Spurned and filled with rage, Elspeth stabs her love to death and sacrifices his soul to the devil in order to strengthen her coven.

The last soft bass note represents the departure of the man's soul from the earth.


Scored for :

  • Piccolo
  • 3 x Flutes
  • Alto Flute
  • Bass Flute
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