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The Lady Armaghdale - Brass Band

The Lady Armaghdale - Brass Band

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COMPOSER : Chris Cobon


The Lady Armaghdale is a small 0-6-0 engine that started life by helping build the Manchester ship canal. It's now in the museum at Highley, on the Severn Valley Railway.


1: Manchester ship canal  - An image of hard work and unfavourable conditions.

2: Released onto the SVR - I imagined this would be similar to a workhorse being retired into green pastures.

3: Jazzer (the nickname given to these locos)  - The nickname arose as the small locos bounced around on the track when hauling heavy loads.

4: End of the steam era  - a homage/requiem to the many dismantled locos.

5: Celebration of Preservation

Chris Cobon 2021

 Duration 11.00 mins approx.

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