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Tuba Odyssey - Eb Bass & Brass Band

Tuba Odyssey - Eb Bass & Brass Band

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COMPOSER : Franner Otter



The Journey of InnerTuba for solo tuba with brass band


Depicting the journey of InnerTuba travelling through and interacting with nature, the landscape and surroundings along the way. A suspenseful opening describes the emptiness of the open road.

The solo tuba calls out to the natural world, asserting its individual self. At first this is ignored by the surroundings; the call goes unanswered. A single voice (flugel) picks up the idea and joins in.

At B the journey sets off, pedalling with determination. The cornets start to pick up and echo the solo tuba's call.

 At C the theme of journey enters, representing progression in good spirits. Transition into the slow theme begins at G. Quiet, up a semitone step into the theme itself; this theme is not of sadness but of optimism and quiet reflection, noble and understated.

It ends with a reference to the solo tuba's initial call which has now been altered on reflection by the natural world to a falling semitone instead of a tone.

The section at I represents the ravages of nature.

Bees buzzing, turbulence (physical or metaphorical!) and challenging weather.

Eventually the whole of the natural environment states the tuba's theme back (Mightily, b.169) demonstrating might and power which dwarfs the call of the lone tuba voice.

The weather clears; back into a reprise of the slow theme at L again up a semitone into the main theme but a tone higher than its first appearance suggesting progress and optimism.

Stated on solo cornet at first, the solo tuba intertwines and combines with the natural world, wrapping around the theme easily before taking it on, elaborating to an uplifting ending, and InnerTuba cycles off into the sunset.

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