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Tylwyth Teg Suite - Brass Band - LM947

Tylwyth Teg Suite - Brass Band - LM947

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Tylwyth Teg - The most usual Welsh name for fairies.

They are often known by the euphemism bendith y mamau to avert kidnapping, especially in Glamorgan. Although most stories about y tylwyth teg are recorded from oral tradition, references to them appear in writing as early as Giraldus Cambrensis (c.1146–1223).

They are described as fair-haired and as loving golden hair, and thus they covet mortal children with blond or fair hair.

Their usual king is Gwyn ap Nudd. In general y tylwyth teg are portrayed as benevolent but still capable of occasional mischief.

Some of their later stories even profess improved behaviour and good morals, such as promising rewards of silver to young women who keep tidy houses.

In distinction from other Celtic fairies, they are more often associated with lakes, especially at Llyn y Fan Fach in south Wales.

Another distinction is their fear of iron; unbaptized children should be guarded from y tylwyth teg by having a poker placed over the cradle.

But like other fairies they are thought to possess magical cattle, the most famous of which is the Speckled Cow of Hiraethog.

In one of the most commonly told stories of y tylwyth teg, a mortal young man seeks to marry a beautiful young daughter of the fairy host. She agrees, but only on the condition that he does not touch her with iron nor strike her with three unnecessary blows.

Gwlad y Tylwyth Teg is a Welsh name for fairyland.

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